I have had the pleasure of knowing Jason for over five years. Initially in a professional capacity, and ultimately as a friend. I am amazed by his knowledge and expertise in the world of electronics, information, and technology. He has enhanced and expanded my working knowledge of technology, leading me to be more advanced and professional in my field of work. I truly value his humble, confident way of approaching situations and efficiently bringing them to a positive resolution. Along the way he empowers me to be more confident with technology and removes some of the mystery and confusion that I may be having with a problem. His assistance has been invaluable in the work place, with my personal computer, and even with my Iphone.

Periodically, out of stubbornness, I will try to tackle a problem on my own. This usually results in frustration and finally a call to Jason. Often before I can finish my description of the problem, he has the answer and I am amazed once again. I have
learned to simply call Jason and tap into his wealth of experience and knowledge. He is very prompt at getting back to me and his ability to solve issues remotely is priceless. I highly recommend Jason to anybody who needs assistance in the areas of electronics, information, and technology. Call Jason Stelzer, The Brazos Tech. You will find a great man of high integrity, a strong family man, and you may even make a new friend along the way.

Chad May - Owner of C & S Horse Company, LLC